Senufo Stool


modern traditions.
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- cedrela wood

- hand carved senufo stool

- 10" H x 11" W

These beautiful, handmade stools are carved from a single block of cedrela wood with a crescent-shaped seat and flat base. Their simple yet versatile design make them the perfect chair or table for your home.

Each stool is hand-carved by our artisan partners at Ahwiaa Woodcarvers Association in Ghana. The Senufo Stool is rooted not only in Ghana’s time-honored craft of woodcarving, but also in the rich cultural history and traditional designs of the Senufo tribes in Mali and Ivory Coast.

Our take on the symbolic history, design, and craftsmanship of these stools make every piece unique; each has a different meaning for the person whose soul it seats. 


All profits fund educational training programs for the women who handcraft our products.

Since partnering with Indego Africa, 89% of our artisan partners have risen above the poverty line. That’s impact.


Each Indego Africa product is made by hand using traditional techniques. Small variation in color & design is part of what makes each piece uniquely beautiful. Please handle with care.

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