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Nyamwezi Doll


modern traditions.

- hand carved wood

- traditional doll

- brass & bead detail

- 10" x 4"

Our Namji Doll, inspired by traditional dolls from Cameroon, features a hand-carved female figure adorned with elegant white beads and cowrie shells—an ancient form of currency. Historically, women would wrap and carry these dolls on their backs as if they were children, a ritual believed to support pregnancy and bring health, happiness, and a safe delivery to mamas-to-be. How beautiful is that?


All profits fund educational training programs for the women who handcraft our products.

Since partnering with Indego Africa, 89% of our artisan partners have risen above the poverty line. That’s impact.


Each Indego Africa product is made by hand using traditional techniques. Small variation in color & design is part of what makes each piece uniquely beautiful. Please handle with care.

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